Our programs provide comprehensive and valuable training on the latest digital marketing tactics and trends, and we offer tailored digital marketing strategies and coaching based on clients’ needs. We employ expert trainers who deliver content and learning through a combination of online lectures, workshops, and coaching sessions. 


Our courses and coaching process are designed for professionals working as marketing managers, digital marketing specialists, and social media managers in luxury, hospitality, and tourism businesses such as hotels, resorts, spas, restaurants, travel agencies, tour operators, and wineries.




Through a series of online videos and training support, the "Back-to-Basics" modules will equip participants with the skills, knowledge, and confidence they need to develop and execute successful digital marketing campaigns to drive business growth.



Module 1: Introduction to Social Media Marketing

  • Understanding the basics of social media marketing
  • The importance of social media in business
  • Key social media terms and concepts

Module 2: Social Media Platforms

  • Overview of popular social media platforms
  • Understanding demographics and user behavior
  • Best practices for creating and optimizing social media profiles

Module 3: Content Creation

  • Creating a content strategy for social media
  • Understanding the different content types
  • Best practices for creating social media content

Module 4: Social Media Advertising

  • Introduction to social media advertising
  • Setting up advertising campaigns
  • Targeting options and formats
  • Measuring and optimizing ad performance

Module 5: Community Management

  • Understanding community management
  • Responding to customer inquiries and complaints
  • Building relationships with followers and fans and managing an online reputation

Module 6: Influencer Marketing

  • Identifying relevant influencers
  • Building relationships and collaborating with influencers

Module 7: Analytics and Reporting

  • Introduction to social media analytics
  • Setting up analytics tools and measuring / analyzing performance
  • Reporting social media results


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Our tailored coaching sessions are bespoke consulting engagements that provide one-on-one video call engagement with Chalvin's founder. The objective of coaching sessions is to develop strategic digital marketing plans, processes, and structures for the more advanced practitioner or specialist. 



Session #1: First session with the client; articulating goals

  • Introductions & expectation mapping
  • Baseline review & understanding:
    • Review of the client's current social media accounts
    • Analysis of profiles and analytics 
    • Assessment of of current social media strategy 
  • Articulation of strategic goals & objectives for social media accounts (e.g. increased brand awareness, lead generation, driving traffic, etc.)

Session #2: Development of client’s digital strategy 

  • Introduction to Chalvin Paris, company history and progress to date
  • Overview of client’s current social media strategy
    • Social media performance (target metrics & timeframe)
    • Client benchmarking comparisons to industry competitors
    • Identify areas for improvement aligned to client objectives / goals
  • Trend analysis & benchmarking
    • Identification of the most relevant trends for each client's industry (e.g. content creation, platforms, influencers, social commerce, etc.)
    • Case study analysis and benchmarking against best practices by a client's competitors
    • Impact analysis of trends on a client's social media strategy, specifically regarding brand alignment with audience and maximizing the chances of achieving social media goals
  • Branding and positioning for tailored storytelling creation
  • Advice and guidance on creation of high-quality, engaging content aligned with overall digital marketing strategy and plan
  • Creation of an actionable short-term content calendar to execute a successful social media content strategy
  • Formulation of a longer-term social media growth strategy aligned with the client's overall strategic objectives


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"At Chalvin, we're passionate about helping businesses present their best selves to the world through digital channels and platforms. Every company has a story to tell. I founded our business to help bring these stories to the world in a compelling and engaging way, and to help customers and companies find each other online."



 - Juliette Chalvin - Founder & CEO


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